Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Vassar High School Class of 1976 Reunion

The big weekend had arrived.  Sue and her committee had been working on the Vassar Class of 1976 Reunion for over six months.  She had put in hundreds of hours.  Everything looked ready and it was.

The affair began with a meeting at Cheek's in downtown Vassar before the homecoming parade on friday night.  The parade route was different this year since the main street through downtown and across the bridge is closed off at the Moore Drain for the flood control project.  So, for the first time in my memory, the parade formed up on Jay Road and came into town on South Main Street. 

After meeting at Cheeks, the class gathered at the football field for the homecoming game with Frankenmuth.  Sixty to seventy people were in the roped off section.  The night was a little cold but the rain held off.  Everybody had a good time..  Some people even watched the game. 

After the game,  most people went to a party at Warren Bierlein's on Lorenzo Road just outside of town.  Warren had a barn set up for the party that was perfect for the informal gathering we had.  Everyone enjoyed it so much that the party shut down about 2:30 am. 

The next morning,  Sue was up with about four hours sleep.  That means that I was up with four hours and one minute sleep.  Off we went to golf at the Grill on the Green in Bridgeport.  Everyone thought that we were going to be rained out but the weather was perfect for our needs.  We had just enough rain that no one else was on the course, but not enough to get wet.  Some people spent some time with their eye off the ball and on the back of other golfers carts.  They would sneak up and unstrap your golf bag and leave it there.  When the cart moved, the bag would fall with a terrible clang. 

That evening, we had the formal party at the Grill on the Green.  Forty six classmates attended.  Sue and the committee had gifts for everyone.  I had made four bluebird houses for gifts.  Some gifts were worth up to seventy-five dollars.  When your ticket was drawn, you could choose a gift but.. anyone else had one chance to take that gift then they had to sit down.  Everyone really took part in all the activities.  A group picture for the Vassar Pioneer Times was taken by Greg Hall.  I made pictures for each couple on Sue's picture printer.  The party shut down about 12:30 am. 

The weekend finished up with breakfast at Bettylou's Restaurant in Vassar.  It was a great success. 

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