Thursday, March 29, 2007

Major Automotive Wreak

For those of you who haven't heard, I had the second major wreak of my life last Wednesday.  All is well with me but my beloved 1986 GMC truck is beyond repair.  This is all the result of a young lady running the stop sign on Caine and Brown roads just two miles west of my house.  A trailer house blocked vision at that intersection on the southwest corner.  The whole thing took place in about two seconds. 
I was able to replace the truck with a 1990 GMC extended cab that I bought at the Rotary auction in Vassar last Saturday.  Luckily, no one was hurt.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

NASA Space Museum, Houston

The Space Museum felt more like a piece of history today.  It put events that took place in my lifetime in a historical perspective.  They are no longer events taking place just beyound the horizon, part of today's experience.  Now they are a part of man's grand story.  The HP calculator from the seventies looks so quaint now but it was cutting edge when I used to stand in front of it, drolling, when the last men had just come home from the moon.  The laptop that did calculations for missions from within the space vehicles  couldn't be given to a ten year old today,  But the Saturn V rocket still impressed...  It lays on its side on transport wheels.  Longer than a football field at three hundred and fifty feet, it looks hugh.  Even on its side , it is taller than a two story house.  On the top is a very small space for the three men who rode it to the moon.  It says so much about the courage of those men and about human spirit. 

Texas A&M

Well, here I sit at the computer in daughter, Patricia's, office at Texas A&M.  What a unique feeling.  I get to have some of the fun of college without any of the stress.  College Station where Texas A&M is located is about sixty two miles from Patricia's house so he had about an hour commute to get here through the wooded expanse of the East Texas  country site.  I saw all kinds of rolling pastures filled with park like lots with trees not quite covered with foliage.  The top layer of vegetation was rather brown but the ground level was green. 

Patricia is meeting with her prof. right not so that explains my free time on her computer.  We are going to take a tour of the campus later.  That gives me lots of wonderful things to do.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Castle Museum Tonight, I got a chance to go with Sue and friends, Susie and Ben Wood, to the Castle Museum in Saginaw.  I had never been in the display area before.  The Museum was hosting a meeting of Saginaw Afterhours that Susie normally attends. 

I met Sue at PMI and drove to the Castle Museum on Federal Street in Saginaw.  The Museum is very nice.

They have a new exhibit on logging in what is now the museum annex.  The Annex is located where the old Jacobson's building was.  I plan to go back to see that.