Friday, September 29, 2006

Making Grape Wine

Sue took one of her vacation days yesterday.  She had committed her help to brother-in-law, John Welch to stomp grapes for about 40 gal. of wine.  We all arrived about 7am to stem and clean the grapes.   Sue left for a hair appointment about two hours later.  John  and I cleaned the grapes in water and a plastic tub.  After Sue returned, she crushed the grapes.  All told, about eight hours for three people were spent making a batch of about forty gallons of wine.

John had a plastic barrel that was rated at 220 liters.  I used google to convert the metric units to imperial units.   All I had to do was enter 1 liter/1quart x 220 in pounds and google gave me an answer.  Search for google calculator for other interesting examples. 

In the afternoon, I built 4 blue bird houses from parts I had previously cut out.  Air nailers really speed up construction.  I make these houses in about two hours each.  They would be double that in the methods of the 50's.

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