Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If it's Wednesday, Winter is Here

The laundry is drying and I am sneaking in some time to get my  blog entry done.  We just lost power for a minute and I am glad that this laptop has a battery.  Sue is  off to Tawas for her clinic and I am not with her since I committed to help Dave Deland with his daughter Racheal's house in Bay City. It should be a good day.

I watched the debate between Dick Devos and Governor Grandholm last night.  Devos lost Sue and my vote because of his obvious anger and non-specific answers.  Jennifer can lick him whenever she wants in a debate. 

Yesterday was a museum day.  I went through the Boutel Gallery we have just added.  I was caught short on this because it is a substantial addition to the museum and somehow I didn't know about it until later. 

The exhibit has several beautiful marine pictures by Sprague that a  delight to see.  It also has a video on Ben Boutel, a Bay City captain and industrialist.  He is one of my personal favorites. 

Today, it will be carry materials, make plans, and hopefully do something.




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