Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hanging Around, Hanging Drywall

We had a great day at Rachael Deland's house in Bay City.  It seemed that all the slow going yesterday was replace by jobs that went well and showed a lot. 

Dave and I hung ten foot sheets of drywall in one bedroom.  I used the Roto Zip for the cut outs.  It was fun to be back in this business.  We applied the first coat of mud to the seams and screw holes.  Everything went well.  It is ready for the second coat now and then the paint.


We also scabbed three 2x6's to the side of the damaged floor joists in the bathroom.  I plan to go back to help him some more tomorrow.

There is a chance though that we might skip working and go south of Flint to pick up a snowmobile.  That would be a fun ride. 

I am giving a 'Ghosts and Legends%' Trolley Tour in Bay City this Saturday so I will have to go over that material.  I haven't done that tour since tall ships so a brush up is required. 



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