Thursday, October 19, 2006

UAV's, UUV's, UGV's-Unmanned Vehicle is the Future

Yesterday, I had the time to go over all those Google Alerts I have pulled don on unmanned vehicles.  For those of you not in the know, UGV is unmanned ground vehicle, UUV is unmanned underwater vehicle, and UAV is unmanned arial vehicle.  Before most of us have learned the acronomn, the US military has got over twenty different types in service or coming soon.  The immediate goal is to make them autonomic

 (aw''to-nom'ik) self-directed; self-regulating; independent. .  Next year, the military plans to conduct a combined exercise where different types of unmanned vehicles will conduct an exercise together.  The goal is to have many less human controllers than vehicles and to learn from the experience. 

Many companies are making parts for all these machines so I expect that civilian versions are closer than most people think.

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