Monday, October 9, 2006

My Sixty-first Birthday

Strange, but the number sixty-one just bugs me.  I like some numbers better than others.  Some, I almost anthropomorphize, giving them them personalities that are hardly warrented based on any logical facts.  None the less, I dislike sixty-one. 

I did really like the party though.  We had about fifteen people here.  Sue got me a new, reversible hunting coat.  John, Nancy, Jim and Fran and LeeAnn got me a target for the bow.  Gene and Becky Solgate gave me a quart of cordial liquor.  Corby, Kris and Candice got me a gift certificate to Dick's. A good time was had by all especially me. 

I can't help but think of how lucky I am to have all this concern and interest. 

I have been putting quite a bit of interest into archery these last few weeks.  The target helps with that.  I had been trying to find one with no luck.  Now, I am set.  Modern bows have a tremendous punch.  My bow is set for sixty to seventy pounds draw.  The arrow shoots very flat.  This bow has sights and a release mechanism that makes it a very different thing than the fiberglass bow of my childhood.  Archery has probably advanced as much in the last fifty years as it did in the previous three thousand. 

My bow has a great deal of power.  My friend, Bob Nancarrow, killed a moose with a bow of this pull.  I think it is easy to discount just how effective these bows can be. 

Thanks to everybody for the birthday.

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