Monday, August 30, 2010

Fw: Monday Again

It was a beautiful weekend. Sue and I spent most of it on classic summertime persuits. Saturday, I worked about six hours on the deck.

I did a lot of nailing with my Bostic Palm Nailer. These cost about sixty bucks. I wouldn't be without one now. The treated wood in the deck requires galvanized fasteners so I drove quite a few 20d galvanized pole barn nails.

I got my first 5/4 deck boards. I'm ready to put them on now. This project is a little more than $1000 in materials.

Saturday night, we went to the Tiki Lounge in Bay City for a work party for Sue. I really enjoyed it. They had a Reggae band. Cover charge was 2 dollars. Sue's work friends were a lot of fun.

I just discovered Blog to Print

What a remarkable service. Blogtoprint takes all those postings and pictures and prints a PDF file. You can buy a copy for $8. If you want a soft or hard cover, bond book, you can get it for a few dollars more.

Just the PDF copy of what I have written would be great for me. I am sure I will use this service.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last sunday, Sue and I went to Kaylee and Kadence Karr's baptism at the Catholic Church in Vassar. These two twins are the center of attention in the family right now if Blake isn't. We all had a good time and a wonderful time to take pictures like this one of one of the twins and Nancy.
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