Friday, September 1, 2006

Pope Benedict and Darwin

Pope Huddles With Religious Thinkers on Evolution - AOL News

The Vatican has been ahead of the curve on evolution for many years.  Unlike fundamentalist Christians who insist on a literal intrepation of an inerrant Bible.  Popes have said that the Bible should not be used as an exact description of how the Earth was created or as a scientific description. 

Pope Benedict has been having these meetings for years.  My bet is that the level of theology practiced here would be beyond the comprehension of almost all of us. 

Theology studies beliefs.  Science tests facts.  Science demands the search  of empirical testing.  Note that useful scientific thoughts can be taught of years without having been proven.  String theory is like that.  Scientists always looking for that physical proof however. 

Belief in God is just that Belief. Trying to use physical proofs for the existance of God is what created the conflict between science and religion in the first place.  Science can neither prove or disprove the existance of God.  Science can disprove descriptions of God given in the Bible.  The Bible cannot contain a complete description of God nor is the Bible a standin for God working as some sort of an idol.  God is too big for any description.  That is why every attempt at description lies in some way. 

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