Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our Trip to Bait the Deer

Leigh McCloud, Sue and I went to their property on M55.  The pictures are taken there. Picture with no caption Picture with no caption We walked up the hills, through the mud and roots and damp and dry.  All told we had a great time..  At the end of the trip we stopped at the international Restaurant just out side of Standish.  I had bufflo meat loaf was soo good.  We had a ball.

I saw how Bob and Leigh have their blinds set up.  I have to do something like that.  Imagine me getting up in a tree in the dark in the early morning, bow in hand waiting for a deer.  Please note, the deer is not in much danger.  It has been guite bold lately though.  I mean eating beets in my garden, taking the sweet corn, and then the beans.  Pretty bold, I would say.  Anyway, I have now shot my bow.  It works great.  So we are a bit more ready.

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