Friday, September 15, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI on Discourse between Cultures

Pope Benedict's speech on the relationship of religion particuliarly Christianity and reason is quoted completely in the link above.  The Pope is currently in great difficulty with Muslims around the world for a comment made in that speech.  It is so unfortuate that so few will read the speech and understand the point it tries to make.  So few will appreciate its appeal to all to use an extended realm of reason in our approach to our relationship with God.

How many will see a first-rate, rational argument reduced to a trivial statement of bigotry due to their not reading, hearing or being able to understand what the Pope is striving to convey.

I have read the speech two times and hope to read it again.  It goes beyond condemnation of belief systems to point the way to a path for evaluation.  It would free logic from the bounds of science so it can venture to a broader horizon. 

It is unfair that the Pope's excellant speech is only being painted with such a false brush.

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