Monday, January 15, 2007

My Son's Automotive Laptop Project

My children often amaze me.  They are so full of surprises.  Fred was giving me one of these moments when I took the picture at the top of this article.  I believe his idea was to be able to play CD's in his laptop computer while running down the road in his Ford Taurus.  If you know this background, you can understand several things that appear in this picture. 

For example, in the bottom of the picter is a little blue box.  That box is an electrical converter.  It takes twelve volt electricity and converts it to the 110 that is used by the power cord on the laptop.

The next item is the way the laptop just sits on a shelf in the front of the dash of the Taurus.  There is a shelf there... Fred made all the parts for this shelf.  He designed them himself and cut and bent them.  This was the point where I knew that Frederick could design and make a machine on his own if he wanted to.  This was far from the level of skill I had seen when he was working on the wiring under the dash of his car when he was sixteen.  You know the difference.  This design had order.  It had an elegance about it.  The wiring job went everywhere.  Very, very different. 

Fred was ready to mount intrumentation in any car and I learned more about some of his talents.  It was a good night.

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