Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iraq and the Middle East

We are in trouble in Iraq.  We got in trouble by some very bad management decisions. A relatively small group of very smart men made these decisions.  The lesson to learn is that it is possible for a small group of people to take over the policy of the U.S. government if they know what positions to hold and how to get them.  Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Douglas Feith, Stephen Hadley, Elliott Abrams, David Wurmser, Andrew Natsios, Dan Bartlett, and George Tenet held positions both inside and out of the government that enabled them to play major roles in taking America to war. 

How did they do it?  Why did the checks and balances not work? Could it be done again? Is it still being done?

It looks like they did it by gaining control of the office of the Presidency with the election of George W. Bush.  Understanding Bush's election would be key to understanding their power. 

Why did checks and balances not work? Congress simply laid down before the executive and let the executive office have its way.  Congressmen say that they were told Iraq had WMD and that we must invade.  Most of the world was saying that view could not be proved.  Congress demanded no proof.  Congress got an answer wrong that most readers of Internet publications and newspapers got right.  Congress was to check an Executive branch mistake.  It failed.  Congressmen are very bright people.  There are 435 Representatives in the House (called Congressmen or Congresswomen) and 100 Senators in the Senate.  They have staffs of a few dozen people and deal with requests from hundreds of thousands of constituents.  They are under the guiding had of their party bureaucracy.  The party head is the President. How many ways could the Executive Branch make life difficult for a congressman? Wouldn't it just be better to be quiet.  Congress is often quiet. 

Could a small group gain control of the Presidency?  I don't see why not.  Nothing has been changed since the election.  Can anyone tell me how such a small group of people with such long associations gained the power they have had?  Did anyone understand what they might be doing?  People, who read Project for New American Century publications and see PNAC events, could tell you what this group wouldbeabout. 

Finally, I believethis use of power is still being done and will continue to be practiced.  It has a certain genius.  Citizens and the opposing party must gain the sophistication to spot cabals this one.

Watch the movie at the first link below. Seymour Hersh, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, explains what is going on in Iraq.  His presentation starts about thirty minutes into the film.

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