Friday, November 24, 2006

Saint Augustine, Florida

I  left my blog the last time before I went to Jacksonville, Florida.  So many things have happened since then, but first,  I want to give some idea of my experience in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine. 

Jacksonville is one of the most expansive cities in the United
States.   That is a great surprise since I didn't think of it as large.  It is about fifty miles from Jacksonville Airport, JAX, to Jacksonville Beaches.  The whole trip is more or less city intersparsed with large rivers and bridges spaning them. 

Jacksonville Beach really delivered.  My main problem with it was that It took me three or four days to find out that a beautiful beach was just down the path in town.  It was not more that five hundred feet away and that I had been driving by it for most of the week while thinking that there were no beaches in the city.  Wrong... You can walk for miles on the beach in the city.  It is beautiful.

More to come.


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