Thursday, November 2, 2006

Pictures and Daily Rambles

So my picture of the address by my drive way finally made.  It is added to Daily Rambles.   This sign has a long, in fact too long, history.  It started as some of the many rocks, stones, "boulders" that my wife, Sue, had me move to the yard when we first came out here to live in 1998.  Tons of stones were moved at that time.  Lots of them came from the middle of Tuscola County, on Hardy Road.  Then came the flowers and finally, this year, I  made the sign pole. 

The sign pole took quite a bit of thinking.  Oh, I know you doubt it but retirees have quite a bit of time to think.  How should I put it together?  Most of that was about what should be done to attach the horizonal arm.  Should it be made up of parts to wrap around the post pole?  Should it butt against the pole and be secured with right angle brackets?  What should I do?  I cut a 3.5x3.5x1.75 inch dado in both pieces and joined them.  No problem.  The whole thing was lots of fun and took about two hours.  Anyway, thanks for the time.


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