Thursday, September 9, 2010

That Job I Thought I'd Never Finish Got Done

May garage has been finished and in use for about a year now, but I made the big mistake of not finishing just a few pieces of siding on the dormers. There was a reason for this problem. While putting the siding on over the window was no problem for anyone with a ladder, the pieces on the sides of the dormers were a different animal. You had to get on the roof to do them.

Now, this roof is a 6 12 pitch. That means that for every 12 inches you go forward you will find yourself 6 inches higher. Roofers can stick like glue to these structures but overweight, sixty-four year olds seem to slide right down the roof. That had been my previous experience soooo, little progress was made until.. I made this quick attachment for my loader.

This thing started out as a set of forks to plant the crimson maple tree. It worked great. The forks were on both sides of the earth ball and the three rings I installed to the forks and the bucket centered the ball perfectly. I simply drove over the hole with this contraption and lowered the bucket. The twelve foot tree was seated perfectly.

These forks moved around a little though. That is a discomforting feeling when seated on the edge of a roof fifteen ft above the ground. I added some braces and locked the structure to the metal bucket and I was good to go.

It only took about three hours to get the siding tools out again and finish these annoying little loose ends. Now, the job is done. I need something else to side.

As for the attachment to the bucket. It is going to be used as loader forks to pick up downed limbs this morning.
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