Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kris's Birthday

My family had two birthdays this week. Son-in-law, Keith Droz became a year older on the twenty-fourth and my step-son, Kris had his birthday of the twenty-second. Kris is twenty-eight this year. All of the kids are hardly kids anymore.

Keith and Tricia are in Japan right now so even talking to them is different. I did send a birthday greeting card and got him a gift certificate to Amazon. That always seems to be a hit.

We had a party for Kris. The picture shows part of the people who came. Andy Erdman was there as was Chris Johnson. John and Nancy came out and my mother-in-law, Lorraine Hayes was there too.

Sue had a very nice meal which she made while she was cleaning up storm damage in the yard. She is amazing.

Everyone had a very nice time.
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Patricia said...

Keith loved his Amazon gift card, but he hasn't used it yet! I love receiving them on my special holidays too! (wink wink!) I'm not sure what he's going to get though... he's holding out for something special, I think. xoxo