Thursday, September 2, 2010

Books for My Class Arrived

The mail was kind to me today.  I got my copy of Custer Victorious.  This book will be the basis for my talk on the first years of Custer's career. 

He had just graduated from West Point when the Civil War began.  Custer was a genius or very lucky in the Civil War.  He was in tens of battles and survived without a serious injury'

Gregory J. W. Urwin, the author of this book, says that he has come to know the role politics played in the careers of officers in the Army of the Potomac. 

Urwin praises The Union Cavalry in the Civil War by Stephen Z, Starr as the seminal book on the topic.  Starr said:
Next to Sheridan in credit for the accomplishments of the [Federal ] cavalry in the Appomattox Campaign stood Geroge Custer.

I am looking forward to reading Custer Victorious.
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