Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Last session of My Class on The Columbian Exposition is finished

I feel the last session of my class on the Columbian Exposition went well but wasn't as good as the second section was.  I presented information on the 37 state buildings at the Fair, ships shown there and the Midway Plaisance.  The state section is important because of its impact on architectural styles after the fair.  Most cities have houses that were inspired by designs seen at the Fair.  Early American was popular there as were some of the beginnings of the Arts and Crafts movement.  

The ships included replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, the Viking long-ship that had come from Norway, the whaling ship, Progress was in Chicago too.  I went over the Illinois which was a brick and mortor battleship replica at the Fair and the whaleback, Christopher Columbus that was used there too.

The Midway Plaisance had a lot of interesting concessions, including the Ferris Wheel and Sitting Bull's cabin.  I don't think that I was able to get the excitement of this area across though.  I plan to listen to my audio of the presentation so see if I feel that way in retrospect. 

The whole thing has been a lot of work but a great deal of fun.  I expressed interest in doing a class in the fall.  We'll see what comes of that. 

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