Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bringing Candice Home from College

Today was a big day..  I had two groups of twenty-five young people to lead on a scavenger hunt in the exhibit area of the museum this morning at 9:45.  So I had to get up and get going to make it.  The hunt itself works well.  We divide the kids into five groups in an area outside the exhibit area.  Then we give each group a set of three questions printed on card that are color coded by area.  We instruct the kids to search for their area first and then to look for clue posters in the gallery.  The clue posters have the answers to the questions on the cards.  We give them 7-10 minutes to search.  Then we call all groups together at the first group's area.  Which in our case is the Native American Area.  Then I get to pose questions from an answer sheet that I've been given to the group from that area..  When that group has finished, we move to the next area  This game works well with fourth graders.  I had fun with it.

Then, I watch Corinne do a presentation to a group of 11 young people on the trilobite exhibit and fossils in general.  The young people really got into this.  When that was over, it was time to take the truck to Mount Pleasant  and bring a load of Candice's things from college home.  That went very well but took about five hours.   Next it was the mowing.

I did get about half of the lawn mowed so I am happy.

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