Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy Day Ahead

Today, is a catch up, put together, restart, build and fix day.  I plan to put a battery in the 770 Oliver tractor.  The current one has been in the tractor for at least seven years and isn't strong anymore.  I have to get 2x4's for the garage trusses as will as hangers for the floor trusses.  Linda has asked me to pick up curtain material.  and the horse needs hay. 

I also want to give feedback to Microsoft on the terrible install software with this keyboard.  This digital media pro keyboard is low in cost, works well and has nice features.  The user cannot make choices to install the product reliably as it comes out of the new box.  It would be so easy to fix that.  On this product Microsoft is acting like GM did in the 70's, let the customer be damned.


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