Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And We Thought Pirates were only in Children's Stories

Blackwater has offered the services of the MV MacArthur pictured above to shipping companies around the world for protection in the Indian Ocean. The ship will have armed personnel and a helicopter to enforce the rules. Blackwater is taking over a naval role. The ship seems to be homeported in Norfolk, Virginia.

We pay billions for defense and the navies of the world can't stop pirates with RPG's speedboats and automatic weapons from seizing some of the largest ships in the world. Hummm. But We do have Blackwater to the rescue.  The Navy is recommending that ships get their own security.  That means the we pay for the security when we buy the products carried on the ships.  Sounds like a deal.  Pay taxes for a massive military and hire private security when some problem comes up.  

I hate the whole idea of private security firms bases in the US.  I don't see how they exist without the blessing of someone high up in government and I don't see how a voter like me can control their activities.   Their owners and the people paying the bills ultimately determine what they are up to.   Their major purpose is to give pure power to those privelaged individuals and companies that seem to be able to operate outside of US law.  That goes for automatic weapons in the hands of private citizens on US soil.  Private armies have a long history.  They exist when central authority is on the wane and law and order in decline.  We should be rid of them.

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