Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Joy of Children

Here I am in the sunny south, visiting my son, Fred, and his wife, Danielle, in the sunny, progressive South.  We went to Charlotte, North Carolina so Sue could get training in varicose vein procedures in the office of a friend.  That was very productive for her.  She was surprised at how fast they were able to perfore the procedure. 

I got to enjoy the Charlotte area.  The city has a motorized trolley line that runs all over downtown for free.  It is a great way to see the city.  The center of town has museums and theaters. It has many thirty story buildings and is an impressive and enjoyable city.

I went to the birth place of James K. Polk, the President, just south of Charlotte.  One of the exhibits was a saw type cotton gin.  It had many of the characteristics of a modern combine. 

Today, we plan to take the trolley tour of Releigh where:

Riders will see Raleigh’s 200-year history from an old point of view on the Raleigh Trolley. The Historic Raleigh Trolley Tour is a one-hour excursion with stops throughout downtown including the State Capitol, Glenwood South, Joel Lane House, and City Market. The Trolley departs from Mordecai Historic Park on the hour, but can be boarded at any stop along the tour. Bring the whole family for a truly unique experience.


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