Monday, December 18, 2006

Faster Computers and New Technology

I now have a modest, but up-to-date computer.  I have been through this many times before.  The cycle is always the same and is always remarkable.  Between work and home I have to have been through twenty computer models by now.  Some are more memorable than others.  All have been useful and generally good in their time. 

My first and always most memorable was my Apple II.  I purchased it for my thirty-second birthday in October of 1977.  It was a marvel.  When I brought it home, it played the theme from Starwars.  The journey began.  That Apple had 16k bytes of memory.  This machine has over one gig.  The Apple CPU was a Motorola 6502 with a clock speed of about 1.5 MHz. The clock speed on this machine is 2.2 GHz. or about 2000 times as fast.  Of course. the new machine has a dual core, or two processors running different programs so even 2000 times is probably way low. 

I have found out that 200 Gigabytes of memeory is not enough though since a quick division tells me that it will only hold 400 CDs.  This is obviously within the easy reach of common humanity.  Video will be even worse.. I see the end of this machine is in site but it will do for awhile.

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