Tuesday, April 6, 2010

People You Meet along the Way

Today was my day to work as a research librarian at the Bay County Historical Museum. I looked for a rather slow day due to the weather but I have a great research project in the Chicago World's Fair and a good book on the 1890's to read for background information.

About an hour after I arrived a young man walked in the door. I knew that he had come to see the regular exhibits but I had no idea what he wanted in the library so I explained what the library did.

It turned out that he was interested in research in the Bay City area due to his family connections in Reese. This young man had Mexican and German connections and was quite interested in the social effects of immigration. He was a principal of a school in Oakland, California and was very knowledgeable in many historical areas. We talked about Mexico, the border, Brazilian immigration to Japan, and many other topics.

My great regret is that I didn't get his name. I do hope that he comes back into the library. I would like to see him again.

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