Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar is a landmark film

Avatar is a remarkable film. Its also my first 3D movie. The glasses are horn rimmed now. they don't give me headaches and you can walk to the restroom without taking them off. They won't help your image on date night though.

The story is interesting so you will not be bored duing the 240 minutes of the show. The combat scenes are made for the movies. We still have gunners in guntubs and Patton's view of tank warfare is still with us. Oh sure we have neat but lumbering exoskeleton robots but nobody is into Net-centric communications.

This movie is a retelling of the European taking of America. The native scenes remind me of Catlin's paintings. The native charge on insect horses remind me of the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

I like the movie. Don't look here for what combat on one of the new exo-planets might be like though.

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