Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Christmas was very good this year. I am having a ball with all this computer stuff. Right now, I am listening to a 60 minute article on geeks and living with technology. I am doing lots with my network.  I do seem to be falling behind though.  For example,  I just heard on this sixty minutes program that 3 refrigerators now talk to the internet or have wireless connections.  I saw an add for a digital picture frame that ran wirelessly too.   That should be fun.  I presume that this picture frame talks to picasa.  I think all this talking to things will work well in the end but be durn near useless in the beginning.  I don't need to have my refrigerator set the time on my microwave so much but I sure would have liked to have my computer show me a video on how the put the stop light bulb in my 2004 LaSabre.  I would like to have the car get me the right bulb to replae the old ones too.  Of course, the real answer is an LED bulb that never burns out.  Then I will never have to change it. 


Have a great day.

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