Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ghost and Legends Tour in Bay City

I have a veterans group coming in for a tour today at 1:30.  This is the first step on tour I've done on sunday.  We'll go to Pine Ridge and Elm Lawn Cemetaries.


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user225937 said...

This group had a smaller bus which was able to make the turns in Pine Ridge.  The tour was so different because I was looking at so many from my father's generation.  People I knew so well.  The people who where young men and women when I was a child.  All of the men on this bus had been in on the invasion of Normandy.  They had lived all of their lives since and now were back togather as a group thinking about those times and each other.  Giving a tour on cemeteries, death and dying to such a group is very different.  I would have liked to had a 'heart to heart' with all of them.  There wasn't the time or the place.